This year, 18 years after the first Noughts and Crosses book was published, author Malorie Blackman published the fifth book in the series entitled Crossfire. The book returned readers to the alternative history in which African (Zafrikan/ Crosses) gained the advantage over Europeans (Fenno-Skandians/ Noughts). While its plot reunites readers with two characters they know very well; Tobey a Nought, and Callie-Rose, the daughter of Nought Callum and Cross Sephy who were the protagonists in the first book in the series, Noughts and Crosses.

The fifth book in the Noughts and Crosses series, Crossfire ends on a cliff-hanger leaving readers wanting more and desperate to know what happens next. It was thought that we might never know, however, now it has been revealed that Malorie Blackman is writing the next chapter of the Noughts and Crosses saga.

During an interview with Nihal Arthanayake for The Penguin Podcast LIVE edition at the Lowry in Manchester, Malorie Blackman OBE admitted that there are plans for the sixth book in her much-loved Noughts and Crosses series.

Malorie Blackman told the Nihal Arthanayake and the live audience that there is going to be another book after Crossfire called Endgame. She added that Endgame will mark the end of the Noughts and Crosses books, however, in joking with Nihal she also remarked that she has said that before upon the publication of Checkmate and Double Cross.

Blackman also revealed that she has already begun writing Endgame so readers won’t have to wait another 11 years for the publication of the next instalment. “That’s going to come sooner rather than later,” Blackman stated about the publication of her book with the working title, Endgame.

Crossfire by Malorie Blackman (Amazon/ Hive Books/ Abe Books/ Review)

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