Claire North’s novel The Sudden Appearance of Hope is written in the first person, narrated by Hope, a girl that everyone forgets. Her family, her friends and everyone who meets her, no one can remember Hope Arden.

An intriguing and unique idea for a novel, Hope’s ‘condition’ of being forgotten moments after people lose contact with her makes this book a truly brilliant read and had me hooked right from the first chapter.

The book follows Hope’s adventures and struggles – not only the general problem of being unable to hold down a job or make relationships but also her struggle with her idea of self and identity in a world where it is only Hope who can define her identity since no one else can remember her. “I have to define myself, otherwise I am nothing, just a… liquid that dissolves.”

The novel has a brilliant gripping plot and great characters who run alongside Hope including, an Interpol officer who is trying his hardest to catch the criminal Hope Arden but keeps forgetting who she is. Running parallel and slowing twisting into Hope’s life is also a new app called perfection which creates a darker plotline as it pushes people to become ‘perfect’. This app also means that the novel tackles some important issues such as body image, the idea of perfection, and identity.

A very unique and gripping story, The Sudden Appearance of Hope we highly recommend this book to anyone who loves intrigue, mystery and deep life issues all rolled into a great plot.

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