Norse myths can be found in much of our modern day life including, Marvel Comics and the popular Marvel films about Thor. Researching the book using original sources of Norse Mythology stories, the intriguing world of the Norse Gods becomes the inspiration for Gaiman’s latest novel.

Each chapter re-tells a tale from Norse Mythology from Loki’s trickery of the gods and/or giants up to ‘the end of the world’, Ragnarok. The chapters are easy to read and pick up whenever you have time to read as each tells a new story – although all of them are linked and in a loose chronological order. Each chapter reintroduces the characters with a brief summary of who they are in case you have forgotten from the introductory chapter (which is easy to do with some many different characters). Gaiman’s retelling of these classic Norse stories is gripping, humourous and thoroughly well written.

I thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant retelling of Norse Myths which provided an easy and captivating way to learn about the myths and stories. If you’re a fan of Norse myths or Neil Gaiman then I would highly recommend this lovely books. And I for one am truly hoping Gaiman will also tackle some other myths and stories such as the stories of Greek or Roman Gods.

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