This week some of the team from Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights set up camp at Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts.

While the festival is known predominantly for great music, Glastonbury goers can find tents and stalls for almost anything you can think of… circus acts, food stalls, a drive-in cinema, and this year, books, courtesy of the Bath bookshop Mr B’s.

Inside a small tent, in The Park area of the festival site in the tent home to Mr B’s Glasto team. A tent with a quite, thoughtful atmosphere, a far cry from the usual chaos and noise of Glastonbury Festival.

The tent features a ‘piney’ Hermione who you can take selfies with before you enter the shop. The shop’s layout itself is very similar to the home front shop in Bath. Shelves lined with books are also adorned with Mr B’s signature note cards telling readers which books are bestsellers, and of course, which are the staffs’ favourites.

The temporary Glastonbury branch of the bookshop also includes shelves of books chosen by famous musicians and festival line-up members. These include a collection of books chosen by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who headlined the Pyramid Stage on Sunday last year.












A great idea for literature-loving festival goers, where you may even find copies of books signed by celebrities and authors at the festival who have popped in to visit the shop. We at Books Bird are hoping the Glasto Mr B’s returns to the festival in 2019 when Glastonbury returns until then we shall continue to visit the home of Mr B’s in Bath.


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