City Books is an independent bookshop in Hove.  The shop’s merchandise is spread across two floors and they sell a range of new books from the latest fiction to local interest books. Additionally, the shop hosts author events, the upcoming events on the shop’s calendar can be found on their website for locals who wish to see and listen to popular authors such as Matt Haig.

Due to these events the shop also sells books that have been signed by their authors. These signed hardbacks are shelved together at the front of the shop and have stickers on the outside to notify readers of their unique quality.

I was delighted to find a copy of Neil Gaiman’s book ‘The View from the Cheap Seats’ signed by the author. As well as this signed Gaiman we also bought a signed copy of Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, a Hogarth Shakespeare adaptation of Taming of the Shrew.

The shop had some unique artwork and posters adorning the wall, including a large image of Terry Pratchett sat in a meditative position on a pile of books high up on the wall above the fantasy novels section. It was here that I picked up a copy of Good Omens, a collaboration novel written by Neil Gaiman and the late-great Terry Pratchett.

Whether you are visiting the area or a local, I would highly recommend this lovely indie bookshop because of the great range of books they have to offer, the friendly service and the possibility of finding a signed copy of a new book by your favourite author.

23 Western Road Hove BN3 1AF




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