Colin Page is an antiquarian bookshop in the city of Brighton. The shop sells a variety of second-hand books, from expensive collectable editions to pre-owned classics.

Before you even get inside the shop reduced second-hand books can be found in baskets on tables just outside the door, sheltered by the shop’s green awning.

The most collectable, unique and rare books are shelved on the ground floor on bookshelves which stretch from floor to ceiling surrounding the till.

A sign reading ‘General Books’ directs you down a narrow, spiralled wooden staircase to the cheaper and not so rare books. Down here book lovers will find general pre-owned books and second-hand Penguin classics. Readers may also be delighted to see a shelf of Folio Society Edition books — while most of these are housed upstairs, downstairs shoppers will find some which are priced slightly lower and therefore are more available to collectors on a budget.

It was indeed downstairs where we found the one book that we bought and left the store with, a Folio Society copy of Graham Greene’s Travels with my Aunt.

If you’ve got a bit of time to spare in the city of Brighton like we did, then I would highly recommend a visit to Colin Page to explore the treasure within – go carefully on the stairs though!

36 Duke St, Brighton BN1 1AG



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