This year has introduced a new musical touring the theatres of the UK called Wonderland. Based on Lewis Carroll’s novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass, this new musical is adapted from a book by Gregory Boyd and Jack Murphy, with music by Frank WIldhorn and lyrics by Jack Murray.

Wonderland takes Caroll’s unique world and characters into modern, contemporary society, with a grown up Alice as a disillusioned mother whose life isn’t quite what she hoped for. Yet again Alice finds herself following the White Rabbit into Wonderland along with her daughter Ellie and neighbour Jack. Here they meet the usual cast of characters including; Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts and The Mad Hatter.

The story is unique and gripping with humour, heart, and twists and turns to keep watchers on their toes until the end. The music as well is unique, catchy and memorable and will soon have you tapping your toes along to it. Despite being new songs that I unaware of until watching the musical, I also soon found verses stuck in my head long after the performance had finished.

The costumes for the characters were also brilliant to see, in particular, the Caterpillar, which balances the line between human and creepy crawly perfectly, with the suave yet obviously caterpillar costume and styling (which can be seen below in our slideshow of images below).

An enchanting and modern transformation of Carroll’s books, Wonderland the Musical’s UK adaptation by Robert Hudson is the must-see musical for fans of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Additionally, it may be the perfect way to introduce a younger generation to the works of Carroll by bringing the story into contemporary society. I would definitely recommend this musical and would even go and see it again in the future.

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For upcoming tour dates in the UK visit the Wonderland Musical website.

If you already have tickets to a performance of this great new musical or if you have recently enjoyed it why not treat yourself to the musical’s soundtrack to get you in the mood or get you reliving the ‘Wonderful’ experience?


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