Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores is a book that does exactly what it says in the title, providing a collection of great bookshops from across the world. These include bookshops that are still thriving to those that have sadly been lost now. Each double page is adorned with information and an illustration of a bookshop from the UK and Europe to the USA. Although, there is a heavy sway towards American bookshops, in particular, New York where the author Bob Eckstein lives and works as an illustrator, writer and cartoonist.


Along with the vivid and inspiring colour illustrations of the bookshops are descriptions of the stores as well as quotes from booksellers, book buyers and book lovers and even a quote from the late, great Robin Williams.

Actor Robin Williams on Book Court, Brooklyn, New York

Actor Robin Williams on Book Court, Brooklyn, New York

Eowyn Ivey author of The Snow Child and To the Bright Edge of the World also makes an appearance discussing her local bookshop, Fireside Books, in Palmer, Alaska where she also worked for a while.  Other authors including; Tracy Chevalier and Arthur Miller are also quoted within the book.

Author Eowyn Ivery on her local bookshop Fireside Books, Palmer, Alaska

Author Eowyn Ivey on her local bookshop Fireside Books, Palmer, Alaska

A truly stunning book with beautiful images of some amazing bookshops this is a lovely read and a great collectable to cherish forever. Having visited a few of the UK stores including Hatchard’s and US stores including the enormous Strand Bookstore in New York I was only disappointed that more of the great bookshops I have visited were not included – but this would, of course, make the book a lot larger. I will definitely in the future, though, be using it as a bucket list of bookshops to visit.

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