The Book Ferret is a small independent bookshop in the market town of Arundel. Selling magazines and new books for all ages.

The shop first enticed me in with their bright window displays, which are not only eye-catching but also announced a sale of up to 75% off selected books.


The 16th-century space that the bookshop inhabits lends to its cosy, welcoming atmosphere. The shop’s appearance is complimented by a dog, which when I visited was sleeping peacefully behind the till. On the whole, the shop does feel a little like you’re in someone’s home (although a lot better laid out and presented), which is a lovely way to feel when browsing for books.

Despite its small size, the shop has a fairly substantial range of books from children’s stories to great literature to enormous coffee table books. If, however, you can’t see the book you were looking for and are local to the area, why not try their ordering service and get your book delivered into the store.

If you are visiting the area of Arundel why not take a few minutes to peruse The Book Ferret, as well as Kim’s Bookshop which can be found just down the road.

34 High St, Arundel BN18 9AB


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