International bestseller ‘Bossypants’, is an autobiography which follows the life of the well-known comedian, writer, producer and actress, Tina Fey. Her voice is very clear in this biography through the funny and slightly sarcastic tone which makes the read even more entertaining.

The story follows her life from her early school days to where her career is in 2011 – of course, a lot more has happened in her career and general life since the book was written. Although it mostly follows a chronological order, Fey jumps back and forth at times to tell some of the more humourous or interesting anecdotes from her life. Above all ideas about real-life that readers can relate to, for example Tina’s notions of music at photo shoots.

“Sometimes they ask if you want to hook up your ipod for background music. Do not do this. It’s a trap.”

The beginning of the autobiography covers Fey’s childhood and teenage years which portrays a little to the reader how she became the great comedic writer and actress she is now. For example a whole chapter about a summer theatre project that she took part in.

Anecdotes and stories about Tina’s career and working life also show the reader the hard work (and sometimes just luck) that got her to where she is now. Despite the fact that the majority of the book has a humorous tone, Fey also covers what it is like to be a woman in comedy. This more serious tone is done in a way that is not downbeat, instead, it’s an empowering section. She explains how the comedy field has changed over time to look less at gender and more at whether the person is funny or not. It seems to be that Tina Fey is proud of this progress which happened whilst she and many of her female friends were working in this occupation.

This book is a great balance of humour, real-life and female empowerment, and is, therefore, everything I expected and hoped for from Tina Fey’s autobiography. Fans of Fey and her work will surely enjoy hearing how she became the great comedic professional we all know and love.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Liked Tina Fey’s autobiography why not try Yes! by Tina’s friend and comedic partner Amy Poehler.


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