The Cartoon Museum in London showcases primarily British, comic book art, cartoons and animations.

Although it is only a small museum they have a large selection of exhibit pieces by many different artists and writers, there really is something for everyone.

For book lovers there is certainly plenty that might attract you! For readers of graphic novels they are pages or extracts from a range of graphic novels; both well known such as the superheroes we all see a lot of in the media right now, to lesser known and more ‘indie’ graphic novels.

Fans of Neil Gaiman will also find many comic strips written by the much-loved author, including The Sandman- A graphic story-telling series (Amazon UK/ Amazon UK).

Whilst fans of Doctor Who will find a great collection of Doctor Who Cartoon strips featuring older evolutions of The Doctor and many well know characters including; The Daleks and The Cybermen.



The museum also plays host to cartoonised versions of popular novels including D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover, which I thought provided an interesting (and easier to read/ digest) summary of the story in an amusing and artistic way.

With such an interesting collection of cartoons, graphic novels and comic strips, this small museum is definitely worth visiting and with only a small entrance fee it is well worth paying to support such a unique exhibition.

Don’t forget to also take some time to browse their shop on your way out. Here you will find many of the graphic novels and comic strips already seen (in extracts) in the main museum, alongside many other cartoons, books etc.


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