last danceThis week’s Post-apocalyptic Reads are chosen by author Rosanna Ley whose novels have been published in more than 10 countries including; UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. She has written articles and short stories for magazines as well as several novels. Her books include; Saffron Trail (Amazon UK/ Amazon US), The Villa (Amazon UK/ Amazon US) and her most recent novel; Last Dance in Havana “An exotic tale of love, family and friendship set in England and Cuba.” (Amazon UK/ Amazon US).



Rosanne Ley’s Fallout 5:

1. Poem for the Day by Nicholas Albery: My first book would be a book of poems. Poem for the Day by Nicholas Albery might seem a slightly strange choice as I haven’t read it (yet). But that’s the reason! I would love to have a different poem to focus on every day; it’s such a brilliant and yet obvious concept. Inspiring for hard times in the bunker. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

poem for the day

2. Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence: My second book would be by the author who first inspired me to write – DH Lawrence, and it would be ‘Women In Love’ which is possibly my favourite, although it’s a close run thing with ‘The Rainbow.’ In the bunker it will be important to remember my writing roots. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

women in love

3. Doomsday Bunker Book: Your Complete Guide to Designing, Surviving and Living in a Concrete Bunker by Ben Jakob: Yes, this is obvious, but my next choice is a practical one.  No reason necessary for this one except: I want to survive. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

bunker book

4. Food of Love by Anthony Capella: For light entertainment (if one was in the mood…) I’d choose Anthony Capella’s ‘Food of Love’ which I’d quite like to re-read and which will remind me of my favourite country (Italy) and my favourite food (Italian). This could turn into some kind of self-torture, but I hope not. And finally, more poetry from John Donne – The complete Poems. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

food of love

5. The Complete Poems by John Donne: And finally, more poetry from John Donne. I was struggling with this final choice, but I loved this book for many years, studied Donne’s poetry for ‘O’ level and learnt several poems off by heart. Maybe in the bunker I could learn a few more? Donne is intensity personified so the bunker would be a good place for his poetry, I suspect. (In a good way, obviously). (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

complete poems

You Suddenly have to run from the bunker, you can only save one book, which do you rescue?

If I had to dump 4 and take just one, it becomes a question of practical versus poetry I suspect. I’m a writer so it would be poetry every time. And Poem for the Day would – I hope – keep me going and working for survival more effectively than any survival kit.


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