The Strand Bookstore- New York is a magnificent 18 miles of books all in one shop. With 4 floors of books, the store holds it all, from classic and modern fiction to children’s books. They also even have signed copies and second-hand books, some of which are ‘out of print’, therefore, the shop provides many that you may not find anywhere else.






On top of the miles of books, the shop is filled with their own merchandise and stationery including pens, postcards, notepads (for aspiring writers) and canvas bags (for carrying your piles of books home in).


After not long browsing the store we already had arms of merchandise, which is all placed near the front of the shop catching your eye as you enter the building. So grabbing a basket (to lessen the weight) we headed to the back of the shop where the bulk of the books are shelved. it wasn’t long before I spotted an ‘out of print’ book on Audrey Hepburn- as I was unlikely to find this again the book found its way into the basket. It was soon joined by ‘Humans of New York’ (fitting as we were on holiday in Manhattan, New York). I also picked up ‘On Booze’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, not only is he one of my favourite authors but it also seemed like an amusing read. The final book to find its way into our shopping pile was ‘Upstairs at The Strand’, a book featuring conversations with authors in the bookshop itself.

The strand shopping

Before heading to the tills, we headed to the other floors to check we hadn’t missed anything. Paying up, we were ready to leave but not before taking a free The Strand, bookmark from the till counter.

With so many books and so many floors to explore you could spend hours in there- particularly if you went in with no books you wanted in mind. However if you are looking for a particular book with so many to choose from chances are this shop will have what you’re looking for.

Address: 828 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

The Strand Bookstore Kiosks can also be found on the edge of Central Park. 



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