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The Library Hotel is a unique and clever concept, based on the Dewey Decimal System of catagorising books, the hotel has 10 floors one for each of the different catagories; Social Sciences, Literature, Languages, History, Math & Science, General Knowledge, Technology, Philosophy, The Arts, and Religion. There are 6 rooms on each floor each with their own theme in their floor catagory.

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Bookmarks that portray each of the Dewey Decimal floors

Bookmarks that portray each of the Dewey Decimal floors

Each room has its own personalised mini library, filled with books that fit the rooms theme e.g. Classic Literature. There’s a Reading Room on floor two which is available 24 hours a day, with comfy seating, hundreds of books and a great view of Madison Avenue and Library Way. Floor 14 plays host to the Writer’s Den and Poetry Garden, again with more comfortable chairs, a fireplace and even a greenhouse where you can read your books. In the evening this floor becomes a bar called The Bookmarks Lounge, serving literary inspired Cocktails.

Address: Library Hotel: 299 Madison Avenue, East 41st Street, New York, NY 10017


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