the well

The Well is Catherine Chanter’s début novel, set in a future that has seen several years of drought. The novel’s narrative goes back and forth from present day to the past events that were what brought the characters to their current situation.

Ruth and her husband Mark move from London to the magical and mysterious Well and quite soon strange things start to happen, including rain at The Well, whilst everywhere else is struck with drought. The locals begin to suspect wrong doing, and Ruth becomes increasingly isolated and unsure of who she can trust. The novel is written in the voice of Ruth, meaning the reader experiences everything with the protagonist, including her emotions, suspicions and confusion as she battle with the truth, in a paradise which is becoming more like a prison.

Revelations from the character’s pasts as well as the introduction of odd new characters such as The Sisters of the Jericho Rose take the story down a unique narrative path. Unlike any other mystery I’ve read, the story tackles religion, family and societal issues in a different and interesting way.

A novel filled with suspicion and mystery. The minute you start to suspect one character the narrative changed its path to highlight a different person, leaving you guessing right until the end climax of the book.


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Catherine Chanter has also taken part in our Post-apocalyptic Reads- why not see what she chose as her Fallout 5?


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