This week’s post-apocalyptic reads are chosen by author, editor and blogger Amy Sue Nathan, whose debut novel ‘The Glass Wives’ was published in 2013 and her latest novel ‘The Good Neighbor’ was published this year. her blog, Women’s Fiction Writers has also won a Writer’s Digest award for one of the best websites for writers.

Amy Sue Nathan’s Fallout 5:

1.  A Dr. Seuss anthology: Great imaginative stories and illustrations that would be soothing and repetitive during a stressful time. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)
r suess collection


2. Little House in the Big Woods  Laura Ingalls Wilder: This book provides proof that things can always be worse. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)
little house in the big woods


3&4. The Glass Wives and The Good Neighbor by Amy Sue Nathan: My Own books, because revising and improving the books in my head would keep me busy for years. Any author knows we always think our books can be better, so this would be a never-ending process!  (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

good neighborglass wives

5. An old-fashioned Merriam Webster Dictionary: Studying all the words would take my mind off the apocalypse. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)
webster dictionary


You Suddenly have to run from the bunker, you can only save one book, which do you rescue?

It would have to be the dictionary because as I said I could waste plenty of time studying new words and take my mind off anything else.

For more from Amy why not visit her website?

To take part in Post-apocalyptic reads, or for more on the idea see the Basics Rules page.


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