imagining alexandria

Louis de Bernières has many times admitted that poetry was his first literary love and therefore he enjoyed coming back to it when putting together this collection of poems.

The poems themselves are inspired by the Alexandrian poet; Constantinos Cavafis (Cavafy) and Greek poetry in general. The introduction to the collection explains de Bernières’ inspiration and what Cavafy’s work meant to him. It also highlights the author’s great love of Greece and its great stories and culture.

The collection of poems are all very different, telling of unique characters, and stories and even covering complex philosophical topics- again taking inspiration from the work of Cavafy.

The poems have great poetic flow and are lovely to read- or even listen to, as I did alongside reading the book itself. The audio version of the book is a great companion to use alongside reading as it is de Bernières himself reading the introduction and the poems.

For poetry lovers this book is a great read, whilst for those who are fans of de Bernières’ novels it may be interesting to read work from his first writing passion.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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