This week’s fallout 5 are chosen by Isabelle Broom. Isabelle is the book reviews editor for heat magazine and her own debut novel ‘My Map of You’ (Pre-order Amazon UK)  is out in Spring 2016.

Isabelle Broom’s Fallout 5:

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling: Obviously I’d like to take all the Harry Potter books into my bunker, but if I have to choose one then this is it. Not only is this the first of the Potter books to veer into seriously dark territory, but it also features the Marauder’s Map and we get to meet Sirius Black (my favourite character) for the first time. All the books are examples of storytelling at its absolute best, but this one in particular always edges ahead of the pack for me. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

Harry potter POA

2. On Writing by Stephen King: I’m imagining (and hoping) that as well as having books in this bunker, I’d also have access to a pen and paper. If that were the case I’d be writing every day, so would need this by my side. As well as providing the tools you need to craft your own work, On Writing is also an autobiography of one of the most intelligent, fascinating and unique humans on the planet. I read it every single January like clockwork. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

on writing stephen king

3. Riders by Jilly Cooper: I started reading Jilly’s books when I was about 12 or 13, and I’ve returned to them again and again over the past 20 years. I love her unashamed use of puns, her brilliant characters, the way she can make you laugh and cry on the same page and, of course, all the saucy goings on. Whenever I’m reading one of Jilly’s books, I feel as if I’m constantly surrounded by a group of brilliant friends – which I think would be a huge comfort if you were all alone in a bunker. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


4. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson: I adore Bill Bryson, and this memoir is a book I go back to time and time again, simply because it makes me laugh so much that I can’t breathe. Seriously! There’s one chapter where he describes making an Airfix model of a plane as a child, and every time I read it I end up with tears of mirth rolling down my cheeks. I’m pretty sure Bill could write a book about toilet rolls and rubbish sacks, and I’d still find it hilarious. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

life and times of a thuderbolt kid

5. Falling In Honey: Life and Love on a Greek Island by Jennifer Barclay: This is the real-life tale of the lovely Jen Barclay, who ditched her life in London after one crappy relationship too many and relocated to a little Greek island called Tilos. Greece is my favourite place in the entire world – hence why I chose to set my own novel there, too – and Jen describes it so deliciously and with such heart. As well as being a fabulous tale of adventure and self-discovery, it’s also a book full of hope, bravery and love. I take an enormous amount of strength from it every time I read it. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

falling in honey

You Suddenly have to run from the bunker, you can only save one book, which do you rescue?

The one of the five I’d take away from the bunker would have to be On Writing. King is quite simply the bona-fide master of the fiction-writing world, in my opinion, and I can’t imagine a world in which I wouldn’t want to write, so I’d like to keep him with me, please.

For more from Isabelle Broom you can read her books section in heat magazine or follow her on Twitter.


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