If you want to buy a book lover a great gift, but you’re too scared to buy books in case they already have them or someone else buys them it, why not treat them to a literary themed gift instead.


library kit


Personal Library Kit: A novelty gift for the book lover who has so many books they need to keep track of them with a mini library system.




reading rest


Reading rest: For the bookworm who multi-tasks and wants to read while they do other things such as cooking.




penguin postcards


Penguin Postcards: 100 postcards with penguin covers on, can be sent to your friends or even used to decorate a book lovers wall or wardrobe.





list book


Literary Listography: What better way for a book lover to catalogue all the great books they’ve read.





jane a day


Jane-a-day 5 year Journal: A great 5 year diary for Jane Austen fans.





amazon kindle


Kindle: If you were thinking of spending a little more on your book lover (and they don’t already have one) a kindle is a great gift, which gives readers a whole library at their finger tips.




kindle cover 

Book style kindle cover: But of course if they do have a kindle you could always treat them to one of these beautiful kindle covers, made to look like book covers.




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