yes please

Amy Poehler’s autobiography, Yes Please covers all the key events in her life that got her to where she is now. From her childhood and school days to performing with improv groups.

The introduction had me laughing right from the start of this book, with Amy explaining how hard writing a book can be, the truthfulness and her general humour makes what would sometimes be seen as complaining into an amusing read.

In the rest of the book, Amy recounts the best and worst moments in her life and those events that have made her life what it is now. The book is  not written in chronological order, but instead in three parts which each have an inspirational title; “Say Whatever You Want”, “Do Whatever You Like” and “Be Whoever You Are”, the chapters which each have a different subject, cover something different from her life.

The pages are filled with not only the autobiographical writing, but also advice posters, poems, letters, extracts from scripts and other things that help illustrate Amy’s life.

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Additionally, there are chapters written by Amy’s parents, and Seth Meyers, as well as a chapter written by Amy with added notes from Parks and Recreation creator Mike Schur.

This book has a brilliant balance of biographical writing, advice and humour. One of the funniest chapters for me was one about Amy’s birthing plan, by over-exaggerating it Amy creates a calm and jokey representation of what can be for many women quite a scary time.

Other chapters such as one about growing up as a girl and ‘The Demon’ that comes when we worry about our appearances or general life, show Amy to be a down-to-earth woman who has a great understanding of life.

A hilarious read, I found myself laughing out loud at many points throughout the book. For anyone who is a fan of Amy Poehler or just wants a laugh, then this is the book for you.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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