This week’s Post-apocalyptic reads is from self-published author Steve Good, whose book ‘Stitch in Time’ is out now (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

stitch in time







Steve Good’s Fallout 5:

1. The Stand by Stephen King: I love the ‘end of civilization then supernatural stuff happens’ vibe and the good versus evil feel. Some of Stephen King’s characters always die, so you are never quite lulled into feeling it’ll be alright in the end. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

the stand

2. Eon by Greg Bear: A fantastic concept created by Greg Bear of ‘The Way’, and the clash of cultures when the humans of the future from the Way meet the humans of today. Bear creates a multi-layered, deep and believable technology far beyond our own for the visitors from the future. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


3. The Martian by Andy Weir: Mark Watney’s hopeless situation and his resourcefulness in staying alive until he can be rescued is a new twist on the Robinson Crusoe story. The current movie almost does it justice. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


4. I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan: Duncan tells the story of Lucifer being given a second chance by God as he gets to live as a human being. Despite the despicable things he gets up to you are almost rooting for him. Almost. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

i lucifer

5. KPax by Gene Brewer: The story leaves you guessing as to whether Prot is merely another mental patient with personality disorder or actually an alien from the planet KPax.(Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


You Suddenly have to run from the bunker, you can only save one book, which do you rescue?

The one book I would save is The Stand by Stephen King – I must have read it about 5 times. Eon is a close run second.

For more on the feature or to take part yourself, why not take a look at the Basic Rules.


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