101 dalmations

I recently read this children’s novel as an adult and really enjoyed it, I therefore know that as a child I would have loved it.

Many may know this novel from the film it was later adapted into, however the original book is a lot more complicated and deep.

Brilliantly written following the two main dogs Pongo and his wife Mrs (Mrs Pongo) and their story; bringing their owners (or pets Mr and Mrs Dearly) together, having puppies, loosing the puppies through theft and their consequential adventure to retrieve the puppies.

The adventure itself is detailed and interesting, with concepts such as ‘Twilight Barking’ and other insights and ideas about life as a dog, this alone could keep children captivated for ages. The dogs themselves each have very different personalities which means children can pick their favourite characters and even in some cases relate to them.

The combination of intelligent ‘talking’ animals and their ability to overthrow a group of evil humans makes this a classic children’s novel.

I am very glad I read the book, even if I did wait until I was an adult to do so, and I will definitely be reading it to my own children in the future.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Amazon US


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