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As well as being a Netflix Series, Orange is the New Black is a book/memoir written by Piper Kerman, who spent time in jail on a 10 year old drug crime.

The book follows Piper’s real-life story in jail. The original story as told in the book tells a more realistic tale of prison life than shown in the TV series. Although this means the book is less dramatic, you get a more true to life and valid depiction of life in jail. The book shines a light on some home truths regarding the American Prison System and some of its possible flaws, in particular those prisons who deal with women in incarceration. The book is raw, truthful and a great insight into a woman’s time in prison.

For anyone who loves the Netflix series, the book is a great addition to meerly watching the show as it delves deeper into Piper’s emotions.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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2 thoughts on “Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

  1. I would definitely reccommend it if you enjoyed the TV series. There are a few significant differences in particular it’s less dramatic than the Netflix series because it is the true story. Some of the names are changed too, which is a little confusing (and I spent the whole book trying to match the characters in the book with the ones in the series). But all together an entertaining read, giving a more realistic view of prison life.

    From Books Bird


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