Image created by HogtheComputer

Image created by HogtheComputer

This week’s Post-apocalyptic reads is from author Joffre White. As well as his own writing Joffre White promotes the importance of reading and writing by visiting schools and libraries in the UK.

Joffre White’s Fallout 5:

1. Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne: After being turned from being a reluctant reader by a fascination of comics, this is the book that got me seriously into reading and finding my love of fantasy and science fiction. Jules Verne’s books were so prophetic, his imagination even managed, amongst many other things,  to forecast how we would eventually land a man on the moon and get him back to earth! (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)
journey to the centre of the earth
2. 1984 by George Orwell: My first ‘grown up’  book. I’ve recently read it again for the fourth time – it’s still a chilling and absorbing read. Disturbing that Big Brother and Room 101 exists as a form of modern TV entertainment. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)
3. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien: I was twenty-six when I was first handed a copy of this. I still have it on my book shelf, dog-eared and careworn after all this time and at least seven reads over the years. An incredible piece of work for any reader or writer to escape into. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)
4. The Humans by Matt Haig: I was recommended to read this about eighteen months ago. A wonderfully written and original story that has rich characters woven into it, which stay with the reader long after they have finished the book. Definitely a ‘read again’ book. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)
 the humans
5. Life by Keith Richards: So many celebrities make a hash, (forgive the pun in this instance), with their so called memoirs, but this is excellently written and presented. For anyone who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s with a musical sound track to their adolescence, this is an absorbing read. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

You Suddenly have to run from the bunker, you can only save one book, which do you rescue?

It would have to be The Lord of the Rings,  so that in the dark hiding places of the apocalypse, I would have the story of a hero’s triumph over evil to give me hope for my own and any other survivor’s future.


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