wuthering heights

Emily Bronté’s dark, gothic novel is set in the rough Yorkshire Moors. The book gets its title from the main household of the characters, Wuthering Heights.

The novel begins with meeting the bitter and twisted Heathcliff and his household. The book then goes back in time to tell the story of Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw and Hindley Earnshaw and their lives and subsequent families. This narrative is told mostly through the old house maid Nelly Dean, who served the familys of Earnshaw, Linton and Heathcliff (the families that are brought together in the tale.)

Bronté creates such brilliant characters that even the most hated characters can at some point be loved by the reader (even if only for a short time). Their unique relationships and cleverly written personalities make this the much loved and unforgettable classic that it is today.

I recently decided to re-read this, as I haven’t read it for a long time. I was a lot younger when I first read it and struggled with some of the words.No matter how many times I read this the character’s emotions and difficulties stay with me. This is why Wuthering Heights will remain one of my all time favourite reads.

Rating: ★★★★★

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