Hatchards is located in central London, Piccadilly and have been booksellers since 1797. This amazing bookshop is split across 5 floors and therefore holds an immense range of new books.




With such a large space filled with books you could spend hours in there wandering through the books and gazing at all there is to offer. After spending over half an hour exploring the shop, I found a book by Truman Capote called Summer Crossing which I haven’t yet read, and a book by Jon McGregor, which was on our to be read list. Finishing our walk around the shop we headed to the till to buy. Paying for the book they put my book in a bag along with a Hatchards Bookshop bookmark (and what bookworm doesn’t like a nice bookmark- no matter how many you already have at home?)


For anyone living in or visiting this area in London, I would definitely recommend taking a look around this bookshop, as you certainly won’t be disappointed with the choice of books and the atmosphere.



After visiting and thinking the black bookshelves looked a little like Waterstones, I researched the shop and discovered they are now owned Waterstones, but still operate under the name Hatchards, and do some things independently to Waterstones. Currently they have a list of “our favourite novels of the past 200 hundred years”, which include some brilliant titles, both children’s and adult’s, which book shop visitors can vote on and chose their favourites.



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