jamaica inn

Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Jamaica Inn is a brilliant story that follows the main character Mary Yellan, a strong, independent 23 year old woman. With such a headstrong, brave female character, du Maurier’s novel is still very relatable to modern audiences, and Mary Yellan provides a great literary female role model. Mary’s personality is juxtaposed with that of her aunt Patience, who is quite, nervous and submissive, particularly around her husband, Joss Merlyn.

The Beginning of the novel sees Mary travel from her home to Jamaica Inn, the home of her Aunt Patience and her husband Joss Merlyn. Du Maurier describes the setting perfectly painting the picture of Jamaica Inn and its surrounding and taking the readers mind into the dark and eerie Bodmin Moors of Cornwall.

Daphne du Maurier’s great classic novel grips the reader with it’s mysterious and tragic nature which is not only seen in the dark moors but also the characters; The dark ill tempered Joss Merlyn (Landlord of Jamaica Inn and Mary’s Uncle) and his lighter but ultimately still mysterious brother Jem, along with other characters including Harry the Pedlar and an Albino Vicar that Mary meets on the moors.

The novels plot also draws you in as a reader with its dark themes and dramatic, fast pace scenes, following the shady and notorious works of ship wreckers.

From start to finish Daphne du Maurier gripped me with this novel with her brilliant characters and exciting storyline. A great classic which can be enjoyed even over 70 years after its publishing date.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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2 thoughts on “Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier

  1. It’s absolutely brilliant! I bought Rebecca from a charity shop recently too so I’m really looking forward to reading that now (although it may be a while before I get there considering how many books I want to read). 🙂


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