far from the madding crowd

Thomas Hardy’s brilliant novel Far from the Madding Crowd combines romance and tragedy and a little mystery and intrigue to create a captivating read. Introducing the setting with beautiful descriptions, Hardy reinforces this with character accents which instantly create a realistic characters in the readers head.

Hardy’s well thought out and constructed character are by far the best part of this great novel. Bathsheba Everdene the novels main protagonist, a strong and independent female character that fights against the stereotypes of women at the time of the books setting. Throughout the story we follow Bathsheba from her mysterious introduction, to flourishing as the pivotal character. As a reader you are right there with Miss Everdene through the ups and downs of her life, and through everything, Shepard Gabriel Oak is right there with her too. Another well written character, it is impossible to dislike the wise and caring Shepard Oak.

These great characters and their gripping emotional tales are not the only thing that kept me gripped to the novel. The twists and turns, and mysterious nature of the plot will keep you reading more and more just to find out what will happen next. Some of the novels revelations the reader may guess before the characters, meaning you are continuing to read in order to find out what the repercussions of this revelation will create.


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