Although I have already written a piece on The Library of Birmingham, a recent trip into the city meant I got a chance to go again.

Having taken in the scenery from the roof and taking a look at the Shakespeare Memorial Room on my last visit, this time I focussed more on the books, and in particular the children’s library.


Heading down the escalators we came to the children’s library which was enclosed with glass doors. Inside was a delightful haven that is the perfect place to create young bookworms. Bright posters on the walls with quotes from children’s authors such as Dr Seuss, further encourage the reader in children.

To top off this lovely space, once children have found something they want to read, the children’s library provides a space to read their books. This reading space is provided by colourful, yellow and red steps called the ‘Story Steps’. I can definitely imagine a younger me loving this reading space. If you live in the area I would recommend anyone with a book loving child to bring them to the library and explore the treasures inside.


I could have spent much longer than I did in the library and will definitely go again next time I am visiting Birmingham.


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