On a recent trip to October Books, on Portswood Road in Southampton we discovered that the road had a large amount of charity shops.

Heading into several of the charity shops, including; Age UK, Scope, Tenovus Cancer Care and The Heart Foundation. We brought books in nearly all the shops, and with such low prices we ended up with a large pile of books.

Although some books in charity shops may be in bad and battered condition, you never know what books you might find. Luckily for us we found several books that were on our wishlist and all in good condition (some of which looked like they’d never been read).

So next time you think about walking past that charity shop, why not pop in and see what books they have to offer. You never know what treasures you might find, and if you do buy, you will also be giving to a good cause (win, win).


The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

Dubliners by James Joyce (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

The Kracken Wakes by John Wyndham (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

Seek my Face by John Updike (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

How to be Both by Ali Smith (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernière (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


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