Image created by HogtheComputer

Image created by HogtheComputer

This weeks Post-apocalyptic reads comes from author Rob Sinclair. Rob Sinclair is the author of an espionage thriller series, featuring the character Carl Logan, the books in the series so far are; Dance with the Enemy and Rise of the Enemy.

Rob Sinclair’s Fallout 5:

1. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy: I’ve never read it, but if I’m going to be stuck in a bunker with not much to do for a while then I guess having a classic as long as this book is might come in handy! My wife tried reading it once and gave up a third of the way through. After the apocalypse, I’m sure I could manage it. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


2. The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum: The Bourne series is one of my all time favourites and isn’t too far in style and substance from my own work. If I could I’d take all three of the originals but to pick one, I’d have to go with the first (even though the second is my favourite) and try and relive the feeling of being introduced to Jason Bourne for the very first time.  (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


3. Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett: I adored the Discworld series growing up, the only books that have literally made me laugh out loud, and I have to take one in my five. If anything, it should help to brighten-up the mood in the post-apocalyptic bunker, if only for a short while. It’s hard to pick just one from the series. For some reason Guards! Guards! stands out above the others, in particular I enjoyed the heavy focus on the Night Watch and one of my favourite of the Discworld characters, Captain Carrot.  (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


4. The History of English Football Clubs by Colin Mitchell: Maybe this isn’t going to be a popular choice given the vast array of exceptional fiction available, but, we have to keep knowledge of our history going after the apocalypse, and football is such a big part of our lives that I just can’t bear to think that it could be forgotten about. Plus I love stats and other seemingly useless information and this book would keep me busy for hours on end.  (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


5. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin: I’ve not yet read any of the A Song of Ice and Fire books even though I bought the whole set months ago – I need to find a big chunk of time to really get stuck into them as they are rather meaty tomes. That said, I’ve watched the whole TV series and can’t get enough of it. I love the escapism of the historic yet fictional world, the vastness that Martin has created, the warring families, the battles and the struggle for power. Maybe post-apocalypse it’s the type of more primitive world that might one day re-emerge.  (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

game of thrones

You Suddenly have to run from the bunker, you can only save one book, which do you rescue?

Wow, this is a hard choice. But I’m going to choose, The Bourne Identity. It’s about a man who’s lost, who’s struggling to find out who he is and where to take his life. It’s exactly the kind of inspiration I think I’d need coming out of that bunker.

You can find out more about Rob on his website robsinclairauthor.com and follow him on twitter: @rsinclairauthor

For more on this feature including the rules, see my post on the rules or my Fallout 5


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