A small shopping centre in Shrewsbury called ‘The Parade’ is home to two floors of unique, independent shops. On the lower floor of these shops, you can find an independent bookshop called ‘Second Chapter Books’.



A small, second hand and antiquarian bookshop, Second Chapter Books has a surprisingly large range of books, in such a small space. As well as having a large range of books, it also holds some truly beautiful editions of old books.


Organised perfectly, it is very easy to find any books you are looking for in particular.  We soon found two penguin classics we didn’t yet have. We also found a copy of The Merchant of Venice (written in story form), which we had recently seen at the RSC. Heading along the last shelf of books, we found a book I had never seen before. Dr Seuss goes to War, is an adult comic sketch style book, of his cartoons. Since we had never seen (or heard of it before), we decided to buy this book too, as it is unusual and it is unlikely we’ll see it for sale again any time soon.

Heading to the till we paid for the books, which were well priced and worth the amounts the shop charged for them.




Unit 27, The Parade Shopping Centre, St. Mary’s Place. Shrewsbury.

01691 839675


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