To end a great day exploring Strafford-upon-Avon (home of William Shakespeare), we went to see a performance of Shakespeare’s play; The Merchant of Venice at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Having never visited the RSC this in itself was a great experience, and we sat down to watch the performance.

Done in modern dress, the play did stick to the original script. The set was fairly basic, the floor and backdrop being a reflecting, bronze, mirror like surface which created an artistic view of the performance. This minimalistic setting was a unique and interesting way to present the play and meant the focus lay more on the amazing words of Shakespeare’s writing.

Having also never seen the Merchant of Venice, nor studied the play (other than reading a short synopsis before the play), I am happy to say I enjoyed the play and its story. The characters and plot are interesting and it has the twists and deception that many of Shakespeare’s plays do have.

I look forward (as ever) to seeing performances of more of Shakespeare’s plays, and although I live too far away from the RSC to visit very often, the NT live and RSC showings of performances in the cinema mean I can now watch even more plays.


2 thoughts on “The Merchant of Venice, RSC

  1. You look like a blog I should follow – I too see a lot of the NT Live and RSC broadcasts, and usually post about them, so I’ll be interested to see any views. I did a couple of posts about The Merchant of Venice after the live broadcast a few weeks ago.

    And that looks like a range of interesting posts. I’ll be back to browse your shelves when I’ve more time.


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