Image created by HogtheComputer

Image created by HogtheComputer

This weeks post-apocalyptic reads come from author Sarah Perry, whose début novel; After Me Comes the Flood, was featured in Waterstones Book Club. After Me Comes the Flood was also long listed for the Guardian First Book Award 2014 and the Folio Prize 2015. She has also written for several publications, including; The Guardian and the Independent.

Sarah Perry’s Fallout 5:

1.  The Diary of Viginia Woolf: I’d like Virginia Woolf’s diaries, please. They are the perfect mix of gossip, warmth, elegant bitchiness, exquisite prose and sadness. Reading them, I begin to feel as if I must have been at that unsatisfactory dinner party, or watched Virginia sack her maid again. They’re ideal company and often very funny. (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


2. Iliad to the Odyssey by Homer: Having read it when I was an odd, book-obsessed child – I know and love the cast. But I have only ever read a prose translation, so I think I would use my time in the bunker to do the thing properly and read it in verse (translated by Robert Fitzgerald). A nuclear winter is no excuse for laziness.(Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


3. Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grosssmith : Because the character Pooter is so brilliantly awful – like a combination of Adrian Mole, Alan Partridge and Hyacinth Bucket. Also the book hasn’t really dated a day.(Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

diary of nobody

4. Middlemarch by George Eliot: I have twice read, the first third in complete raptures and for some reason never finished. I can vividly picture Dorothea Brooke putting on her mother’s necklace, and going over plans for cottages, but have absolutely no idea what happened in the end. Maybe she did Casaubon in with a garden spade? I slightly hope so.
(Amazon UK/ Amazon US)


5. Faber Book of Reportage by John Carey: It’s a magnificent compendium of first-person accounts of the world and everything in it, from Vesuvius, to the evacuation of Vietnam. Whatever I needed to feel or know, I’d find it there. And since the main benefit of being in the bunker would surely be plenty of time to write, I’d be glad to have all that material! (Amazon UK/ Amazon US)

faber book

You Suddenly have to run from the bunker, you can only save one book, which do you rescue?

Definitely The Faber Book of Reportage!

For more from Sarah Perry you can find her on Twitter! 

Sarah Perry’s Debut Novel, After Me Comes the Flood is out now!

after me

Amazon UK

Amazon US

For the rules and how to take part yourself see the original Post-apocalyptic Reads post. 


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