A trail of broken wings

Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani is the author’s début novel and was recently featured as an Amazon First.

When a father goes into a comma, a previously broken and dispersed family are brought back together, but what will happen in this story shrouded in secrets and shocking revelations?

Told through the eyes of a mother and her three daughters this novel elegantly portrays a family’s integration of Indian culture and traditions with American society and its values, in particular in the character Marin, who has risen above what would be expected of her in India and become a career driven woman in America. Using flashbacks alongside chronological storytelling Sejal Badani weaves an intricate and amazing novel full of twists that are revealed at an increasing rate as the book moves on.

Brilliantly written, Badani’s novel successfully tackles some very serious issues, which are analysed carefully but honestly. These somewhat heartbreaking plot lines are well balanced by the author with beautiful descriptions, endearing family moments and well written metaphors, including the metaphor in the title,

“The one who left a trail of broken wings in his wake.”

A great read which will definitely keep you gripped to its pages until you reach the emotional ending. I am looking forward to reading any other upcoming novels by Sejal Badani.

Rating: ★★★★★

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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