next of kin

Sue Welfare is an author known previously for romantic comedy novels, however after 20 years of writing, she has had a change in genre and has published her first thriller novel called Next of Kin out tomorrow on Kindle.

Next of Kin:

He seemed like the perfect tenant . . .
Home should be where the heart is, but for Sarah, it becomes a place of fear, menace and terrifying choices.
Her new lodger seems like the dream tenant for the rambling Cambridge town house that Sarah shares with her brother, Ryan.  But before long it’s clear that their guest has his own chilling plans for all of them.
When Ryan finds himself in deep water, Sarah faces losing all her hopes, dreams and any chance of a happy ever after.  Just how far will she go to protect the people she loves? And will even the ultimate sacrifice be enough to save them…?
To pre-order the book, or buy tomorrow:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

For more on Sue Welfare:

Twitter: @suewelfare

Or visit her goodread’s author page


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