Topping Co. is an independent bookshop situated in Bath, England, with two other shops in Ely and St Andrews. The outside of the shop is a welcoming entrance, blackboards stand outside telling of upcoming events, and the fact that they offer complimentary tea or coffee as you browse (a nice idea, which I may have taken up if I had been there longer.)


Walking in you can see the massive array of books. Currently, popular books can be found in displays on tables throughout the front of the shop. Piled on some of the tables, Topping Co. also have many first edition signed copies of new books, wrapped in plastic to protect them.

20150602_111324 20150602_111623

With such a large range of books, some genres including Science fiction, crime, graphic novels, and poetry have their own sections which are subsequently ordered alphabetically. If you can’t find a section for the books you’re looking for, you can find them in rest of the fiction.

Heading to the back of the store, we found what we were looking for, the new Little Black Classics. Spending a while deciding which to pick, we finally chose two and headed to the till to pay.


As a frequent visitor to Bath I will definitely be going to back this shop as well as Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, also in Bath.


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