The BFI (British Film Institute) on the South Bank in London offers everything a film lover could possibly want. This includes an amazing miniature library called the BFI Reuben Library, which is filled with books, journals and material about films, TV and media.


This little library sits behind a glass wall, through which you can see three main walls of books. The shelves are filled with a vast range of information ready to spring off the pages. From Hollywood films, to books about Hollywood stars, such as Audrey Hepburn. There’s books on every aspect of film, including; animation, lighting, direction and editing.


But as a magazine journalism student my favourite part was the collections of old magazines. The pages of the magazines were carefully bound inside hardback book cover to protect the glossy pages, the spines embossed with silver writing that depict the Magazine’s title and the date of publication. The collection included titles such as; Empire, Vanity Fair and Total Film, and ran back over a decade.

20150527_114257 20150527_114410


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