what would mary berry do

A clever and witty title for a witty and funny book by Claire Sandy. What Would Mary Berry Do, asks the question many budding bakers and Great British Bake Off fans are asking. Targeting modern culture, Claire Sandy cleverly uses references to contemporary entertainment such as The Great British Bake Off, to appeal to her readers.

Main character Marie (another clever play on words by Claire Sandy) is a relatable and funny protagonist. As a mother and working woman with a business, Marie is far from perfect as she struggles to keep up with both sides of her life. Not helped by her neighbour Lucy who appears to be perfect, with time to create perfect cakes for school events and meetings.

Claire Sandy creates clever and unique way to describe characters, Marie uses references to celebrity chefs to describe other people in her life, such as Lucy who is like Delia Smith and her husband like Paul Hollywood.

The simple rivalry triggers Marie to begin baking her way through Mary Berry’s cookbook, with varying and sometimes laugh worthy results. However Marie soon realises she actually sort of enjoys this new hobby and is determined to succeed and bake a perfect, ‘Show Stopper’.

Unfortunately the long chapters with little break up of subject do make this book difficult to pick up and put down which makes reading it difficult if you have a busy life. However as a light and funny read, a great book to read this summer. An ideal read for Bake Off fans who want more of that yearly TV fix. What Would Mary Berry Do? The question we should be asking is, would Mary Berry read this book?

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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