Ever read a book with a magical or alternative world and you’ve just thought, ‘I’d love to live there’ or ‘wouldn’t it be cool if I could visit’. I’m sure we’ve all thought it at some point. So here is a round up of just a few of the great literary worlds that we’d love to visit (if only they were real).

Hogwarts: J. K. Rowling’s brilliant invention from the Harry Potter series, a castle/school where you learn magic, what’s not to love (especially now there’s no Loard Voldemort hanging around and spoiling the fun)


Narnia: C.S. Lewis’ creation of a beautiful land, with talking animals and magical goings on, I’d definitely like to visit.


Whoville: Dr Seuss’ crazy and unique world, inhabited by a race of Whos.


Wonderland: Falling down the rabbit hole into Lewis Carroll”s Wonderland might not be the best way to visit but it’s get you there.


The Shire: Hobbits, Wizards and magic are a given in a visit to J. R. R. Tolkien’s literary land.



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