ereader IQ

ereaderIQ.co.uk is a great website for anyone like me, with a kindle ereader. The website allows you to upload your kindle books wishlist by entering your email address. Once logged on, the website will notify you when the books on your wishlist have reduced in price by a certain margin.

Although Amazon Kindle wishlists do show this online, to keep up with price changes, you would have to check your wishlist everyday.  If your wishlist is anything like ours it will probably have over 100 books on, which would take a long time to check everyday. This clever website allows you to keep up with price reductions with a simple email notification. Thus saving you more time to read all those books you’ve piled up in your house, and filled your Kindle with.

Unfortunately for anyone with a different ereader, this website only work for Amazon wishlists. However if you do have a Kindle then this website is a great tool for getting your books at a good price.


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