gone girl

Gillian Flynn’s , Gone Girl is the thrilling, mystery novel that has since been adapted into a film.

The book is narrated by the two main characters; Nick and his wife, Amy. Each chapter is written through the eyes of Nick or Amy and is either written before or after the disappearance of Amy. Nick and Amy are clearly very different characters who have been raised in different ways. The author shows this in the chapters written by each character, including Amy’s diary and chapters written from the view point of Nick which share the characters thoughts and personality traits with the reader.

The story makes an exciting read and kicks off early on, with the Character Amy going missing, meaning this thriller will grip readers ‘straight from the word go’.

The authors writing creates a clever read, which is filled with suspicion, mystery and unexpected revelations about the characters. Even as this novel draws to the end the reader may still be unaware what the final outcome will be and how the novel is going to end, which means this book pushes itself away from those predictable who-dunnit books that are often written.

The writer also adds to the readers experience using humour within the mystery, giving the characters and the story more personality and a more realistic quality. Changes in the characters personas and thoughts throughout the novel also allow the writer to give them more depth.

A great story and very well written. I am glad I read it before watching the film.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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