After scouring the internet, I found some truly amazing products that might just change the way we read for the better. Here is my pick of some of the best ideas and products out there.

1. Reading Poolside lounge chair- Simple but genius, makes tanning your back and reading at the same time so much easier and more comfortable than before.





2. Library bookcase chair- A brilliant way to store you books and a comfortable place to sit while you read said books.



3. Book holder- This product allows you to read when your hands are occupied with something else (e.g. Drinking, eating etc.)



4. Clear Acrylic Book Weight- Like the product above this paper weight holds down the pages while you eat etc. whilst allowing you to read with ease through the clear window.



5. Bath Caddy- Designed to hold your book, drink etc. whilst you relax in the bath.

Men's health magazine

Men’s health magazine



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