A couple from Idaho have recently released an app which censors ebooks and removes swear words and profanity. The app has high to low settings, lower settings block ‘major’ swear words, whilst higher settings block all profanity. Users are given settings options from clean to cleaner to squeaky clean.

clean appwhilst some may argue that this app is great for parents of younger children who they want their children to enjoy literature without being exposed to profanity, others may argue that we’re shielding children from real life in which people have free speech to swear, and the same can be said for writers of books.

It can also be suggested that such an app changes what authors have written so it no longer reflects the emotions and feeling the writer was initially trying to convey.

The creators do note however that the app does not violate copyright laws since it does not change the book but changes the way in which content is displayed.

In my opinion the app is a ridiculous idea that censors writers true emotions. The app changes the meaning off books and defeats the idea of freedom and pleasure, that to me books are all about. We live in a world of free speech and to me this should continue to stretch to written work. If you do not wish to read books in the way they were originally intended by the author (profanity included), then perhaps it may be better to just avoid reading these books.


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