The Casual Vacancy is Rowling’s first novel written for adults and there is an obvious change in the genre and language, in order to appeal to the new audience.

Described as “A big book, about a small town”, Rowling’s book follows the lives of multiple characters living in the village of Pagford. Each chapter follows the story of one particular character at a time, allowing the reader to view the story through several different eyes. Each character is built completely differently, thus creating a true to real life mix of loveable and dislikeable characters.

The storyline is simple but clever, revolving around a death and it’s consequential aftermath. Revelations, secrets, friendship and hatred are spun throughout the novel. Secrets are built up and up into mystery until you finally catch up with what other characters already know. The secrets keep you griped to the pages waiting for the truth to come out. The penultimate chapter grips you even tighter with it’s faster pace and series of events that all happen at once. With adult language, realistic character, hidden secrets alongside beautiful descriptions, Rowling has successfully created a great and thrilling novel for adults.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Amazon (UK)

Amazon US


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