No matter how many bookmarks I have (and I do have a lot), I never seem to have one when I need one (particularly when I’m on holiday). For me the thought of folding the corner of the page down or leaving the book upside down and cracking it’s spine sends shivers down my own spine. For this reason I have often had to seek out alternative things I’ve used as bookmarks.


Here is my short collection of ‘alternative’ bookmarks, for you to use if you find yourself without a bookmark:

1. Takeaway menus, leaflets, post, random scraps of paper, you name it. The closest thing I can find to an actual bookmark.

2. Hairbands. I’ve nearly always got one on me and they’re fairly flat so they work quite well.

3. My mobile phone. Particularly if I’m only closing the book briefly and don’t want to loose my page. If left for too long though there is a risk you may forget you left your phone in there.

4. Sunglasses case. A great bookmark until you need to put the sunglasses away.

5. Charger. The lead on the end of it makes a good bookmark, unfortunately at some point you’ll probably need to charge your phone.


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