1. So many books, so little time… The list if book’s you want to read seems to grow twice as fast as you can read. books time
  2. What to read next… So many choices, it’s a very important decision to be burdened with.
  3. Withdrawal symptoms: When you haven’t read for a while and you desperately want to get back to your book.
  4. The feeling after finishing a really good book: You put it down and look around for someone to discuss it with but no one has just been through the same emotional rollercoaster. Instead you have to come out of that world and back to reality.book hangover
  5. Wanting to quote your favourite books but knowing people probably won’t understand.
  6. When the  film is NEVER as good as the book… Missed character, missed scenes, miscasting…never judge a book
  7. When people go on and on about the film and you just want to talk about the book.
  8. Having weird outpourings of emotion in public… The book is so moving it’s reduced you to tears and now you’re crying in public. Don’t worry we’ve all done it.
  9. Badly written books: It doesn’t matter how good the storyline is, if it’s badly written we can’t read it.
  10. People who damage books… Cracked spines, torn and folded pages, writing all over it, why, just why?!

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