Flavour's of Love

The Flavours of Love is told through the eyes of Saffron, who is trying to hold her family and her life together after a tragic event. The Murder of Saffron’s Husband (Joel) is just the start to the pain she faces.

Twists, turns and secrets fill this novel, with every character you come across hiding their own secret. Woven brilliantly into the plot, Koomson successfully builds a romance and mystery hybrid novel that is bound to appeal to vast amounts of readers.

As well as following Saffron’s struggles with present day life the novel jumps back in time with passages labelled ‘X days/months/years since ‘That Day’. Koomson uses this simple, yet effective technique to build Joel into a character despite his death before the novel even begins.

The depth of all the characters created by Koomson makes a delightfully, relatable read. From the love between Joel and Saffron to Saffron’s care for her children; Phoebe and Zane, who she will do anything for.

The mystery of the novel runs parallel with the deep love story and is highlighted in Saffron’s attempts to finish a cookbook her husband started before his death. Combining all the flavours that the two loved in a cookbook he planned to call ‘Flavours of Love’.

Like all the other Dorothy Koomson books I’ve read, it is a thrilling read that will keep you hooked right to the end!

Rating: ★★★★★

Amazon (UK)

Amazon US


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