books pages watermark

A follow up from my previous post in which I highlighted the Pros of E-readers, I will now be taking a look at the other side of the argument- the cons.

1. The smell- until Kindle and e-readers put a scent onto there devices I see no way round the fact that they are just not the same as traditional books. Because let’s face it, who’s first move after buying a new book isn’t to give it’s pages a quick sniff.

2. The feel and sound of the pages- Need I say more, e-readers just don’t offer this. Although some do look like a real page turning when you swipe for the next page.

3. Display- Lets be honest we all want to show off the books we’ve bought- especially when they have beautiful cover art.

4. Cover art- We all love beautiful cover art, and you still get that, however when you first open the book, it usually starts at the beginning of the novel, so if you want to see the cover full sized you’ll have to swipe backwards (sorry).

5. Judging- Now this is an annoying one but other book worms often judge you for reading an e-reader rather than physical book. We are still reading, stop judging us, Thank you.

So now I have outlined both the Pros and Cons of Kindle and E-readers against traditional books you can decide what best meets your need (it may like me be a mix of both). But whichever you chose is not important. The important thing is to keep reading!


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