kindle book awardsNothing will ever beat a good book, new or old. The smell, the sound of the pages turning… But of course with all this new technology more and more people are using kindles and e-readers- including me (Yes, sorry). And although like most I still prefer reading an actual, physical book, I am now very happy that I bought a kindle for a few key reasons. For this reason I present to you, the pros of Kindle and E-readers:

1. Holidays- If you read as much as I do when you go on holiday abroad, E-readers are a life-saver. No longer will half your baggage weight be books, instead, all your books are in one significantly lighter place.

2. Highlighting and notes- No need to spoil your nice paper copy, with E-readers you can add highlights and notes, then take them off when you are done- simple.

3. Apps- With most E-reader brands there is an app that can be put on your mobile phone meaning you can read anywhere, anytime, even when you’ve forgotten your book because let’s be honest, we’ve always got our phones with us.

4. Books, books and even more books- Can’t find a book you want at the nearest store, not a problem here, with such a large range of books including those by independently published authors that are only available on E-reader.

5. Free books!- Not only is there a massive range of available books but some of them are even free. Yes, that’s right free! Once copyright has expired on a book it will become available online, books that are currently free include Shakespeare plays and classic novels including Wuthering Heights and Little Women.


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